Starting Your New Construction Business On A Shoestring Budget? What Are Your Options?

If you're a construction worker who has grown tired of the grind of reporting to a boss who doesn't seem to respect or appreciate you (or who places you in potentially dangerous situations), you may be interested in transitioning to more of an entrepreneurial role by becoming a licensed contractor yourself. While this can often be a lucrative and welcome change in your life, getting started can be tough – especially if you relied on your boss's or coworkers' tools to get certain jobs completed and now have to build your collection from scratch. Read More 

4 Reasons To Have Your Walkway Replaced Prior To Selling Your Home

When a homeowner decides to sell, they usually want to try to find a serious buyer right away. Even when selling a well maintained house for a fair price, the housing market is currently in favor of buyers, so you are going to need to highlight each selling point to gain sufficient interest. Redoing the asphalt drive and walkway in front of your home could draw in more buyers just by way of improving the outside of your home. Read More 

Do You Need to Hire a Real Estate Agent When Purchasing a Custom Home?

After careful research, you've decided that building your own custom home is the best decision for your home buying needs. However, since builders have their own sales agent, you may wonder if you still need to hire your own real estate agent. The answer largely depends on your own personal preferences. Take into account the following when deciding whether or not to hire a real estate agent for your custom build. Read More 

The Electrical 411 ~ What’s Really Going On With Flickering Lights?

Did you recently notice that your lights flicker for seemingly no reason? You have likely attributed this phenomenon to an electrical issue, but you may be wondering if it is a serious or minor issue. The following are a few of the reasons this may be occurring. Lightbulb This one may come as a shock, but it is possible that a lightbulb is the culprit if this phenomenon is only occurring in one room. Read More 

When Your Foundation Cracks: Avoid Leaks And Structural Damage With A Quality Repair

Leaking in your basement can be due to a crack in your foundation. This can be a small problem caused by your house settling and can be fixed with a patch or sealant material. If the foundation begins to sink, you may have a bigger structural problem with your home. Cracks are cause by a number of reasons, such as the soil settling around the foundation, frost heaves, or natural disasters like an earthquake or flood. Read More